The Department of Gene Stem Cell Regenerative Therapeutics was established in January 2023 as an endowed course at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine.


   The main theme of the laboratory is the development of innovative therapies for ischemic stroke and spinal cord injury using transgenic adipose-derived stem cells. To achieve this theme, it is necessary to analyze what kind of genes can be introduced to obtain the most efficient therapeutic effect, including molecules that have never been teried before. It is also necessary to establish a relatively simple and efficient gene transfer method in regenerative medicine for common diseases such as ischemic stroke. 


  Other themes include the application of transfected adipose-derived stem cells to autoimmune diseases and cancer, as well as the clinical application of inflammation-regulating peptides that we have been studying.


  Although we are still a small group, we are aiming to become a "small but spicy" laboratory through collaboration with various laboratories.